11 April 2010


I have relocated my blog to here.

This blog will just stay just the way it is.

Goodbye. =)

09 April 2010

Some people think that being desperate to get something can be a great motivation to move on. In my point of view, it's not. Being desperate is pathetic. Most people lose their senses when they are desperate. And you wouldn't want to know what the others think about people who lose their senses. The answer is so true but so vicious.

I am not trying to turn people's hope down. You can hope for something. You can wish that your dream might come true someday. But, being so desperate to own something/someone is.... forlorn! And when the desperations turn into nothing, there comes the blames. See. Now it's not forlorn. It's hopeless.

My advice, keep dreaming like everyone does, but, don't be desperate. =)

I never halt people from doing the things they want.

All I do is just agreeing things that I pro and disagreeing things that I anti.

I guess everyone has their rights to be any kind of human they want for as long as it's not a crime. Well well. I admit that I dislike la-las and si-hams. (Malaysians, you know what I mean right?) But, I don't think it's right to anti them. Alarhh... They are just less fashion-conscious. What's a big deal about it right? Just let them be. The participation of hatred in this issue still sounds a little illogic to me. I won't bother to hate things that have nothing to do with me. My time is scheduled for better things rather than hating.

Wahaha.. See! I crap again. I just enjoy jotting down the bits and pieces in my mind.

No doubt. I had made my decision and opinion clear. So clear that all human being who understand Mandarin and English should understand. Maybe you're the exception because you just don't understand.

You wouldn't want to know how many personalities are there in me. There's only a single me physically, but there is an infinity divisions of me mentally. And, it will take you centuries to understand it. I never blame you for thinking that you actually have a chance. Maybe you think I am the typical girl that you see from Taiwan and Korean drama. No, I am not. If I were making a decision, I must have gone through a lot of considerations. I didn't decide a thing for nothing. Definitely I am firmed enough with my decision before I let you know about it.

One thing about me is, I'll never look back. Once I let it go, it's gone. And it will never come back. It's impossible for it to come back.Yes, I am mean! I admit that. But that's me. You have your right to love and to hate. But, I am trying to help you out. You are leading yourself into a situation that will not bring any good to you and me. There's no point keep holding it tight, so tight that even you yourself are being tied up by yourself. You said you understand about time and space. I say you don't. You are just saying it for the sake of saying. I am serious about this. You really gotta stop thinking that there might be a 0.000001% of chance. I just don't worth your precious time. I am moving on with my brand new life and I am doing so fine with it. Why do you have to stand still on the same point? Don't you move on? Can't you get a life? And most importantly is, can't you live for yourself? Why are you living for others? You own your life! Why do you let someone to take control of your own life? My gawd! By torturing yourself in this way makes you feel good, is it so?

Please. Please. Please. Wake up. Your mere hope is not going to bring you to anywhere. Let bygones be bygones. Okay? This is really really my last time making my words clear. If you still don't get it, I am speechless. Speechless as in... I really have nothing to say to you anymore. It's the end.

08 April 2010

Hey there. Seriously sorry for the late update. Yikes yikes! I was too caught up with dramas, sewing activities and also outings. I will update about that in the coming post. Let me just talk about the shoe painting competition that I have participated last Sunday.

First of all, this competition is part of the events of the Malaysia Shoe Festival 2010. Contestants are from design colleges and universities such as Lim Kok Wing, KKTM, PJCAD, New Era, The One Academy, and some other colleges that I might missed out. There were about 110 contestants. The theme is Satu Malaysia. We were given 90 mins to complete our painting. Highlight: We, the contestants have to squeeze beside the stage and sit on the floor to paint our shoes. ("Cool" right?) After the competition was the catwalk show for the branded bling bling shoes. I have to say, we, the contestants are just nothing in the eye of the organizers. They were expecting us to clean our things up and move away from the stage side in less than 5 minutes time. Being rude enough, one came and shouted in a harsh tone, "Can you guys be faster? The whole world is waiting for you all." Hell yeah! If that catwalk show is that important, you should have started the competition earlier since you don't have any event on before the competition. What's the point of rushing in this way right?

Okay, okay. Let's continue about my design. So, my design was actually a stupid sketch that I did in a rush at 3 in the morning. I had to draw something that night no matter what as I had to show my lecturer at least a thing by the next morning. I don't know how I came to this lame idea, making the three dominant races into Siamese triplets. LMAO. Amazingly, my lecturer likes it. Okay. So I dumped my design at a corner for a few days without even put any effort on extending the ideas until Saturday arrived. Working under pressure, I finally came out with a proper design. Phewh! But, like I said in my previous posts, the chance of winning is mere. Counting the number of students who participated, every student(included me as well) has 1% of winning chance. See. I thought I was possibly unable to get Top 3. I was hoping for consolation actually. But, dang~ I can only say I am so blessed that my design is favored by the judges. Maybe the flowers (sewed on my shoe) are way too attractive. Muahaha.. I love the flowers! I never regret learning how to sew. Who knows how far sewing can bring me to. It already brought me to a great starting point and I bet the journey will be an endless one. =)

Not very awesome right? I think the design will look better if it's a vector art.

Bloom, bloom, bloommmmmmmm....

Wei Ting and I in the Exhibition Hall.

Deng deng deng deng! Look at my pale face. Didn't get to sleep well the night before.

Had a delicious desert at Gelatissimo, The Gardens. Yummy! Heavenly delicious.

04 April 2010


Still mere?

Yeah. It still seemed to be a mere chance to me. But thanks to God, I manage to make it through.


Photos will be uploaded tomorrow. ^^

Mere chance

It is a mere chance.

I grab it, and run with it to the end point.

Whether it's a win or a loss, what it matters most is I did put my effort to reach the end point.

AHHH... Miss Sunshine! PLEASE GO TO SLEEP!!

03 April 2010

Can anyone tell me the ways to cure the affliction in me right now?


30 March 2010

Dear Linda, sorry for the late late birthday present. Eh.. Not that late also ho? I am just late for 8 days. Hope that you don't mind. Remember all the handmade stuff I made you since years back? Haha.. Those are not very useful right? Now I make you something that you can use. A PENCIL CASE! Hoho... Lotsa love and kisses to you. Muaaaahhhhhhhh.....

I like this photo! ^^

p/s: I went fabric shopping again. Ahhh~~ There goes quarter of my allowance. Wuhooo!! =__=

Late replies

For those who commented on my blog post, sorry for the late replies! They are all replied now. ^^

29 March 2010

There are so many students in design school loving their design courses, and barely scraping by in their math, English, and history classes — rolling their eyes, sketching during lectures, and ignoring their instructors. Why? Because somewhere along the line, the unfortunate and untrue news has spread that general education courses are unnecessary for designers. Not only are they necessary, they could make or break your career.

How is it that students expect to successfully create an 8-panel roll-fold brochure, or a complex tradeshow booth without math? And, if you ever expect to own your own business, those math skills are going to come in handy when you have to do your own estimates, billing and taxes.

Writing and grammar skills may be the most underrated of the general education classes. I can’t imagine that any designer will manage to get through his or her career without doing at least a little copywriting, and without doing a whole lot of proofing. And, how will you ever make a convincing sales pitch or present a concept to a client without the skills you’ll acquire in speech class?

Even the classes that seem completely out of the realm of design — science, history, and social study classes — will be vital to your career. As a designer, you have to be a chameleon — creating a website for the finance industry one day, and working on a brochure for the construction industry the next. EVERY one of those classes is going to be helpful to you in your career. Please don’t take them for granted.

Extracted from: Creative Opera

Whoops! Finally I have the "ohm" to update about my third semester in The One Academy. Hehe.. So, what's about this short semester? Here we go.

First of all, this is the semester I got into my major which is Advertising and Graphic Design. Well, the only thing that is uniquely different from other major is Computer Graphic Design 3 where the students are exposed to Adobe Indesign (A program for magazine publishing). It can be quite boring if you hate things being so organized. This subject is fine to me. But I bet I won't end up in a magazine publishing field in the future. It's not the thing I am really passionate about.

Then, we have Visual Communication where we are pushed to think. In my opinion, this subject is very psychological. Very. It's like playing with human's mind. We are assigned to bring out the message(any possible message) through visual graphics. It's really tough. The very common thing said for this subject is "what you understand does not equal to what others understand". Pek chek right? Bzzz....

We also have this very very interesting subject- Culture and Society in Malaysia. We had a hard time at first. But our lecturer, Marion was too awesome that you can't help but to concentrate in her class. I have already mentioned about her in my older post. So I won't touch much on this.

Next is Figure Studies 3. Hm.. Relaxing enough for me. All I need is just constantly drawing. Now I know how to draw multiple people in a piece of drawing. How amazing it that! =D

Then, we have this Language and Communication Skills 3-Drama. Fuhh!! This subject makes us sleepless+restless. But it's okay as at the same time, we had lotsa fun. Now I know how good actors act. It's really hard to forget everything about yourself and get into another character which may not be you at all. Trust me. IT'S HARD! Haha. And yeah. I gained a lot from this subject too, in the sense of time management, team work and creativity of course. See, we are given one week only to think of a story and act. And the drama has to be about 10-20 mins. Fiuyoh!! Thank god it's all over now. Heehee~~

The most torturous subject goes to....... Perspective studies!! I bet every single human being in my class agrees with this. Right, right? Pfthh... It's the subject that will make you feel like as though your brain are blended into cream due to extremum stress! But, but, but.... Okay lah! I still manage to do averagely good in this subject. So, IT'S OKAY! =D

Speaking about friendship, I am still very closely attached to my dearies- Fish cake and Wei Ting. And now I have Wei Shin and Sin Wei who are always in my group for group works. Many new classmates in the brand new class-AD0905-1. I got to know many of those that I don't know in the past. It's my pleasure to be in the same class with them. And not to forget my friends who are in other majors- Ah Liang, Wen Kang, Yu Jing,... (to many to be listed). I'm glad that we're still so close. Or I should say we are even closer now? Hehe!

That's all about this semester. Ahh.. So relaxing. ^^

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